The Foundation’s library, which is part of Prato’s network of documentation centres, is a specialized library devoted to 20th-Century history, and particularly to the Second World War, Fascism, Nazism, totalitarianism, resistance against Nazi-Fascist regimes and crimes connected with them such as Nazi-Fascist massacres and deportation to Nazi camps, but also to other forms of State crimes such as, e.g., the Stalinist Gulag.

On the subject of deportation to concentration and extermination camps and in general on the Nazi concentration camp system the library has a considerable number of books, including foreign language books (mostly in German, English and French). Many a scholar or interested person has found here books or videos they had been unable to find elsewhere. The library has approx. 3000 volumes, of which about 400 are foreign-language books, also approx. 300 films on DVD, mostly published and released after the year 2000, as the library was founded in April 2000. There are also books published during the second half of the previous century, the result of donations which have become increasingly frequent. All this material is available for consultation and via interlibrary loan.